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Med Products Group is comprised of medical distribution and regulatory managers dedicated to gaining national recognition. We are a group of individuals that are solely dedicated to getting your company or product the visibility and presence needed in the United States. We have been helping numerous companies receive their FDA approval for their products. Med Products Group helps you reach the world’s largest group of medical professionals that are upwards of 600,000 and climbing. With over 100+ years of combined experience, we are sure to make the process extremely simple and easy.

Our company is derived from three pillars that attain a full circle scope of getting your company the visibility in the global market as well as the United States. Those pillars are Regulatory, Operational, and Distribution.

What Services We Offer

Our three pillars work together to streamline the process of getting your product into the United States. We offer the simplest way for you to gain access to the world’s largest group of medical professionals.


FDA Registration, Initial Importer, Designated FDA Agent, Quality system audits, FDA-Medical device reporting, and much more


Establishing Corporation, accounting, insurance, State and federal Compliance product liability insurance, U.S address, and much more


Warehouse Consignment, localized manual writing, inventory control, warranty and claims service, national marketing programs, and much more

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